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Sheet Metal Processing, Products and Powder Coating

We provide comprehensive services in the field of processing sheet metal and supplying component products for further processing as well as finished products to many countries including the USA, Japan, Great Britain and Germany. We offer development and reengineering of sheet metal parts and metal processing with CNC technology, powder coating, assembly equipment, machinery and instruments and wiring cabinets. We are Prostor-Design s.r.o. 

Why choose us?

Uncompromising quality at favourable conditions
We supply “Just in time” and have ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certification
We have our own development and assembly and we arrange the logistics 

Our services

Sheet metal puncher

Sheet metal punching and cutting

CNC sheet metal punching, sheet metal cutting, cutting metal parts and shape machining of steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminium sheets on modern TRUMPF CNC machines. We guarantee careful CNC machining of very thin sheets with the highest demand placed on the quality of the edges.
Basic information: maximum sheet thickness of 4,00 mm, maximum sheet size of 2 500 × 1250 mm and dimensional accuracy of 0,10 mm.

Sheet metal bender

Sheet metal bending and braking

Sheet metal bending, bending sheet metal and sheet metal parts on CNC press brakes from TRUMPF. We offer basic CNC sheet metal bending and advanced special shaping and bending of sheet metal, which is used for reinforcing sheet metal parts, for example. We provide bending even for very thin sheet metal products and as a treatment after punching sheet metal.
Basic information: maximum sheet thickness of 4,00 mm, maximum sheet size of 2 000 mm and dimensional accuracy of 0,10 mm.

Fusion sheet metal welding

Sheet metal welding

Fusion and resistance (spot) sheet metal welding. We perform manual welding of sheet metal, sheet metal parts and components made of carbon or stainless steel, aluminium and aluminium alloys MIG / MAG and TIG / TIG and spot resistance welding.
We use machines from Fronius. We also offer stud welding.

Powder coating

Surface finishing: Powder coating

As the final surface treatment we processed sheet metal and structural parts offer powder coating (komaxit). By default, we use epoxy plastic powder (EP) for indoor use, epoxy-polyester powder paint (PEP) for indoor and short-term external environments and polyester powder plastic (PES) for outdoor use with UV resistance.
Basic information: max. weight per piece 100 kg, max. size of coated parts 1 500 × 1 500 × 2 200 mm. We offer hot-dip galvanizing or galvanizing parts in cooperation.

More about us

Our motto is 100% quality in time. We are a modern engineering company that offers complete CNC sheet metal processing. Our customers appreciate the comprehensive collaboration that begins with developing the product and ends with a complete product ready for sale to the end customer or final assembly. We have been on the market since 1994.

We offer stamping sheet metal parts for large series on eccentric sizes of 63 and 100 tons. We produce and assemble wiring harnesses at our own expense for product assembly and device manufacture. Complete wiring and wiring cabinets, complete assembly of equipment, machinery and other electrical equipment only adds to the complexity of our services offered.

Among our main and complete products belong control panels and other machine parts, distributors, IT cabinets, cabinet Racks, components for gaming and vending machines and other products made of sheet metal.

Material supplier: Ferona a.s., Alfun, Italinox

Technology supplier: TRUMPF, Fronius, Wagner, HILTI, BOSCH


Our products

We also manufacture products under our own brand for end consumers, which can be purchased in large quantities. These include switchboards, IT cabinets (racks), steel safety boxes, wall cupboards and cabinets for data networks.